Best Virtual Mailbox for Travelers 2020

Want to get all the mails even when you are in international travel? Then A virtual mailbox is what you need. If you are not very familiar with the virtual mailbox, let me explain. Let’s assume you are in any corner of the world and have a virtual mailbox with a physical address, suppose the address is San Francisco, California.

So whenever any mail or package reaches there, you will get the visual online. And you can decide whether to scan the mail or to forward that anywhere. You can reply to the mail. And if there is any package, you can forward that to anywhere you want. Or if needed, you can get that shredded.

Who does all the things in between? The virtual Mailbox company. And since they play a major role, it is mandatory you choose the ideal one. This is why I have come up with the 3 best virtual mailboxes for travelers.


 Earth Class Mail

It is one of the top-notch mailbox services, a lot of people are using its service and so far everyone seems pretty satisfied. They offer advanced features which the best for people who are running an online business. If you are one of them, you will surely love Earth Class Mail for sure. They have a big number of physical addresses across different states in the US which is something that not every virtual mailbox company offers.

Apart from that, their online software, speed, sorting ability, features, everything is high-quality, they wouldn’t let you complain. But that being said, high-quality service will come for a high price, that is obvious. So their service is expensive but worth investing especially if you are the owner of an online business. You can easily receive all the client’s check, it is very safe. You can receive the packages, baking correspondence, tax documents, or other documents, everything through this.


Travelling Mailbox

This one offers decent service but not as good as Earth Mail. Travel Mailbox offers 5 different plans, choose one that suits your need. The price is also different in five options. Services that you would get in every package are Junk mail filtering, Mail shredding, cloud storage (unlimited), and basic envelope scan.

Traveling mailbox has around 30 physical addresses across different states of the US. Compared to Earth mail that is a very low number. For check deposits, you will have to pay an extra fee and if you go over the monthly limit, an additional cost will be added for that. This mailbox is integrated with, Dropbox, and Evernote. And lastly, compared to Earth mail, the traveling mailbox is low priced.

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US Global MailBox

If you are looking for an affordable virtual mailbox option, then US global mail is your thing. They have been around since 1998 and still serving nicely. They have short and long-term options. Short-term means a monthly basis and long term is a yearly basis. With them, you will 180-days free letter storage and free 30-days package storage service. And their mail forwarding service is pretty reasonable, everyone can afford it.

However, they don’t have a couple of physical addresses in different states which is a downside. They only have one in Houston, Texas, that is all.


If I am asked to pick one name from the mentioned three, I will go for Earth class mail without any doubt. That is one of the best virtual mailboxes for travelers and online businesses. However, hope this guide helps.