Best 5 Travel Apps 2020 every traveler should Download

Confused about where to travel? How to find good deals? What to do once you reach the destination? The best travel app is the solution to all these confusions. You can browse for the beautiful destinations, you can check out the hot deals on accommodation on the destination.

After reaching the destination you can even find your way to the hotel through this app. Not only these, but there also are some other exciting things as well that good travel app offers.

There are plenty of travel apps on the web, not all of them are going to serve you well. Only a few are worth installing which are frequently used by travelers. Here I have come up with the best 5 travel apps which will give you exactly what you want. Take a quick look.

Lounge Buddy

Lounges are great in terms of service, good food, great seats, overall very comfy. And in order to have these, you will have to have a business class ticket or membership. That being said, figuring out which lounge you can access is an irritating task, you will have to wander around and ask staff for that which is something not everyone would like.

Lounge buddy eases that pain. First of all, know that it is 100% safe, a lot of people are regularly using it. Enter the credit card information, lounge membership, and airline status into the app and it will immediately let you know which lounge you can access at any airport. Not only that, it even lets you know if there are any free lounges or any which you can access by a day pass. This app is available for both IOS and Android.

Air Help

Have you ever gone through the irritation of canceled and delayed flight? In case you don’t know, for these reasons EU and US law offers compensation through very few people get it, less than 1%. But if you have the Air Help app installed on your phone, you might stand a chance. Put your flight details and the company will do the rest. If you are successful you will get 75% of the payout and the rest will be taken by the company.

Hostel World 

Always worried about accommodation? You don’t have to worry anymore if you have the Hostel World installed on your phone. It searches good hotels according to your requirements and it is very good at doing that according to the travelers. And the best part of this app is, there is a full-screen map as well where you can see if the hotel the app has found you are near where you want to be or not. Lastly, the accuracy of this app provides are accurate. Available for both IOS and Andriod.



This one is another top-notch and highly popular app for renting rooms. Whether it is room, couches, or an apartment, you can find everything through this amazing app. If you want to stay at a local host’s house, this app will help you with that as well. There is a website as well, but the app is more convenient and fast as well.


If you looking for cheap flight deals, then Skyscanner might help. They search through over 1200 sources and then give you the best deal. There is a chart as well which tells you about the cheapest month or day to fly to the destination you like.


If you are a regular traveler, having these best 5 travel apps installed on your phone will help you a lot in terms of accommodation, flight, etc. However, hope this guide helps.