When is the Best Time to Visit Italy – Updated 2020

Italy has many famous places, from beaches to many ancient monuments. Tourists visit Italy in a particular season. Although you will see some places like Rome and Venice are always busy with extra tourists.

But in general, what would be the best month to visit Italy? In summer, a massive influx of tourists come to Italy. Tourist who loves to hang out on the beach, they prefer to stay in summer. Your accommodation cost will be significantly higher in the summer. For many of us, so much crowd can be intimidating; in this case, you can ignore summer. But if you are a person who likes to enjoy outdoor activities, summer will be the perfect season for me to visit in Italy.


If you enjoy mild temperature, spring and autumn will be perfect for visiting. Also, in this season, you will see many festivals such as Christmas and New year.

Usually, November to March is known as the offseason for the tourist. All the first few days at Christmas and New year’s number of tourists rises significantly.

What about going to Italy?

  • The climate of Italy remains suitable for visiting every place in Italy from May to October
  • You will get the best weather in Rome from April to November.
  • In Italy, from July to August, considered the hottest and humid months. On the other hand, from January to February, though, as freezing weather.
  • You can expect rainfall from February to November.
  • Famous cities in Italy are suitable to visit for travelers almost eight months of the year.

italy summer

Climate of Italy

Italy is located in the Mediterranean sea on the coast. In winter, Italy felt more cold compared to neighboring country France. You will see two central climates in Italy- one is summer, and the other one is winter.

As the country is located right near the coast, the weather becomes favorable to the travelers for most of the year. You will experience a different climate in different parts of Italy.

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Northern Italy

In northern Italy, you will see many high mountains. Most likely, you will experience too harsh cold weather there. On the other hand, in the summer season, the temperature gets too high. In the region of the Alps, you will see snow all year around. Once summer arrives, humidity starts getting unbearable. Only a handful of tourists visit the northern part of Italy every year. You will see hardly any tourist as compared to the Central part of Italy. Perhaps, adverse weather discourages visitors from staying there.

Central Italy

Most of the famous tourist destinations are located in Central Italy. In the central part of Italy, you will experience mild weather. In winter, the temperature isn’t as cold as the northern part. The weather is always favorable for tourists throughout the year. The span of winter season short compared to the north part of Italy.

Southern Italy

In southern Italy, you will experience relatively hot weather. In this part, cold will never be an issue for travelers. But you may experience hot and humid weather almost all year long. The Mediterranean and African climate suitable for visitors who don’t fear hot weather.