Best Safari Park in the World 2020

Do you want to see wild animals in natural habitat?


Safari parks are a lovely way to observe wildlife without capturing animals. The animal does not like to be in a cage-like human. There are many incredible safari parks are available throughout the world. From Africa to Sri Lanka, we will discuss some best Safari parks in the world.


Kruger National Park-South Africa

safari park

Africa is one of the best places to live for many wild animals. On this continent, you will see many rare animals. Kruger National Park is the largest safari Park in South Africa.

This safari park is located right near Johannesburg. You will explore many animals day and night. Big animals such as lion, elephant, and rhino are some animals you can quickly see there.

For accommodation, a mini lodge is available to experience the night wildlife.

Etosha National Parking– Namibia

safari park

Etosha Safari Park is unique as compared to other Safari parks. I enjoyed this Safari park a lot. Inside the Safari Park, a large salt pan that can be visible from the space. Plenty of wildlife and bushes are available here and there.

You will see wildlife animals from the sedan car. Menu restaurants and decks are available to enjoy the beautiful landscape of Namibia. Apart from the National Park, Namibia will surprise you with her natural beauty in every moment.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest- Uganda

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Bwindi National Park is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. This safari park is located in South Western Uganda. The landscape of this forest is itself quite interesting, mixed with bare land and mountains.

You will see more than 160 species in Safari Park. Countless birds chants everywhere. Many endangered animals are exclusively found here, such as mountain gorillas. If you want to see endangered mountain gorillas, you must have to visit there. Only a few mountain gorillas available on the planet.

Serengeti National Park-Tanzania

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Serengeti Safari Park is located in Tanzania right near to the Kenya border. This safari park is known as one of the largest safari Park on earth. Approximately 15000 square kilometer desert areas are included in the Safari Park. UNESCO listed Serengeti as a World Heritage site.

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I will list the Safari Park as the number 1 Safari Park to visit. You will see countless mammals and birds. Every year millions of animals migrate from one place to another place. If you visit the Safari Park in the right, it would be one of your best experiences.

During the dry season, water and grass started to wipe out. Millions of big mammals such as elephant, zebra, and other animals migrate to find a new place. In the dry season, the desert of Savannah looks lifeless. Interestingly, in the rainy season, everything regains its life. A desert turns into the green landscape. You can never compare Serengeti National Park in the dry season and monsoon season. You will be surprised to see how much nature can change in a short period.

Why you visit this safari Park, you will see some rare flowers in Savannah. You will see this flower nowhere in the world.