Best 5 Cheap Hotels in Bali 2020

Bali is known as one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Asia. Every year millions of people visit Bali to experience exotic food and beautiful landscape.

If you are planning to travel to Bali, the first thing you have to confirm your accommodation. There are plenty of hotels available on Bali, but we review the best five hotels in Bali. These hotels will make your trip enjoyable in Bali.

Alam Kulkul Boutique Resort at Kuta

This result comes into our first recommendation due to its lovely ambiance. Resort buildings are well built. You would see a tropical garden around the hotel. Palm trees, fountains, and many flowers make this hotel extremely eye-pleasing.

Standard rooms are elegant and comfortable—every standard room attached with a balcony. One thing I specifically like about this hotel, all the hotel rooms are at least a hundred meters away from the main road. So, you don’t have to tolerate this crazy traffics. You can enjoy a relaxed and lovely vacation.

Padma Resort at Legian

Padma Resort is known as one of the elegant hotels in Bali. This hotel is suited to a prime location in Bali. They try to keep a local vibe to their hotel. Comfortable bungalows and vast space are some of the main attractions of this hotel.

Small deluxe rooms are designed like motel blocks. Around the hotel, you will see plenty of lounge chairs and many shades.

Segara Hotel at Sanur

Many travelers love to experience a country living. This hotel will a glimpse of how village life in Bali looks like? A family-owned hotel for more than 60 years. If you are a person who is attracted to local culture and people, this hotel will be an excellent match for you.

A privately-owned beach is available for travelers of this hotel. You can enjoy a calm sunset from your room. If you want to take a break from your busy life, then this hotel is for you.


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Four Seasons Hotel at Jimbaran

If we compare our reviewed hotel as per location wise perhaps this hotel will come first. Sea facing hillside areas makes the natural scenery extremely eye-pleasing. Four Seasons Hotel takes a different approach from other hotels. Their Hotel decoration and tropical garden will seem different from other Hotels in Bali.

The direct breeze from the ocean will soothe your mind. All the hotel rooms have ample Windows. You can see the never-ending sea waves and rocky mountains from your hotel room.

Indiana Kenanga Villas at Buda Lembongan

This hotel is located on a small island—a large white sand sea beach from the walking distance of this hotel. If you plan for a vacation trip with your beloved person, this hotel will give you ultimate privacy. Private pools and luxury lounges near the Sandy beach will make your trip memorable.

A clean sea with many boats afloat makes the landscape more beautiful. Many tourists especially stay at this hotel to watch mesmerizing sunset. You would love to see massive waves on the shore from the hotel balcony.