5 Unique Islands in the World You Would Love to Visit

What could be a better place than an island to spend the summertime? Lounging around the beach, having your favorite drink, sit and listening to the sound of waves crashing onto the shore, this is a wonderful experience that every person should do once in their life. Taking a break from busy 9 to 5 life and sitting on the beach with the favorite person will wipe away all the tiredness, it is so refreshing.

If you have a plan to visit an island soon and struggling to pick one, you are going to love this guide. Here I have listed 5 unique islands in the world that are worth visiting at least once in life.

Here you go!



Come on! Who hasn’t heard of this? Not only one island, but the Maldives is also a home of several jaw-dropping islands. Worlds some of the most ravishing islands are in here. The sea looks so stunning and that is what increases the beauty of the islands. They have aquamarine water, the clarity of the water makes the sea look so satisfying and calm.

Under the sea, you will get to see coral reefs, colorful fishes, snorkelers, and divers from all around the world. Their resorts are just too cool. You can have your breakfast sinking your feet into the clear sky bluish water.

Bora Bora

Bora Bora

Bora bora islands little looks like the Maldives because the water looks the same. The main attraction of this island is its lagoon in technicolor turquoise. You will see fish, sharks, turtles, rays swimming. You will be seeing everything with full clarity because the water is very clear. If you are a foodie, you are just going to love their cuisine, they are mouthwatering. You can do the snorkeling and diving there, it is fun and extremely beautiful. The surrounding reefs, and colorful fishes, your eyes will thank you.

The Cook Islands

The Cook Islands

Cook island is one of the most beautiful and unique islands. The main attractions are palm-fringed beaches, volcanic peaks, and aquamarine lagoons. And the best part of visiting this very island is, the locals are the friendliest, you will come back home making few friends there. Among all the islands, Aitutaki is one of the most beautiful. Apart from that, there are others such as Rarotonga.

If you can afford to make sure to rent the over the water bungalow, you will be amazed. Living above the water could be so satisfying.



Indonesia is a country filled with different cultures and incredible natural beauties. And the Bali island is one of the most visited islands in the world. From their foods to, water, mountains, resorts, you will love everything. Do rafting, snorkeling, diving, and surfing can also be done on uncrowded areas.

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It is in Greece and one thing that everyone notices about this island is the villas. They are all white and situated right beside the sea, though high from the sea level. Water is clean but the clarity isn’t as much as the Maldives but still looks good. Mouthwatering cuisine and their traditions. Overall a very exciting island to visit.

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There are over 700 islands in the world, it is not possible to visit all of them. What you can do is visiting the most beautiful ones. These 5 unique islands, they are just amazing. There are other islands as well which are so beautiful but these 5, one should visit at least once in life.